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Our Team

Richard Perry is Director of Fourways Australia with 24 years of solid business experience within the HVAC industry, upon which he draws to successfully navigate operation, growth strategies and supplier negotiotions for the Fourways Group. At just 20 years old, Richard began his career as a Sales Representative for Samsung. After identifying a gap in the market between air-conditioning suppliers and installers that resulted in unsatisfactory service levels, he started Fourways as a solution to fill that gap. Through this ability to translate ideas into action, Fourways became, and continues to be, a go-to distributor offering improved supply capabilities of leading HVAC equipment that better services air conditioners installers, as well as provides technical expertise, service back up and on-the-spot spares and parts - an all-in-one business fostering its own growth alongside those of its installer network. Together with other Directors in the company, Richard grew Fourways into the international successful corporation that it is today.

A photo of Richard Perry, Director of Fourways Australia

Richard Perry

Craig is a Director of Fourways Australia with 14 years of business experience within the airconditioning industry. As a registered Chartered Accountant, he draws on his meticulous financial mind to successfully execute and reposition the company's ROI and growth stratagems to yield desirable results that achieve business objectives year-on-year.

A photo of Craig Fowlds, a Director at Fourways Australia

Craig Fowlds

With 15 years of experience in the air conditioning market backed by strong financial proficiencies as a Chartered Accountant, Graeme is an essential component of the Fourways leadership team. He is a Director of Fourways Australia who understands the ebb and flow of the HVAC business environment. This, together with his commitment to upholding Fourways' class-leading service to customers and installers, ensures the smooth running of the business as a whole.

A photo of Graeme Takis, one of the Directors of Fourways Australia

Graeme Takis

Leonora Bondenstein is the Domestic Market Branch and Sales Manager for Fourways Australia. She cut her teeth in the air-conditioning industry 10 years ago, starting as an internal sales rep, before rising through the ranks to become a highly-respected Branch Manager who oversaw rapid sales growth in her area. In 2019, Leonora moved to Perth, and has been instrumental in the growth of Fourways Australia.

Leonora Bodenstein, Domestic Branch & Sales Manager at Fourways Australia

Leonora Bodenstein

Director of the Fourways Queensland branch, Tim brings with him just over 30 years of experience within the airconditioning industry, many of these as an airconditioning contractor. Having owned his own business for many years prior to joining Fourways, he has a wealth of business and industry knowledge and knows and understand the needs of airconditioning contractors, the importance of building strong relationships with them, as well as having a supportive and trusted supplier.

A photo of Tim Roux, Director at Fourways Australia Queensland branch

Tim Roux

Craig is the Sydney Branch Manager for Fourways Australia, currently servicing all of New South Wales. With over 10 years experience of working across the Australian domestic as well as the international banking sector, he is well equipped with financial and relationship management expertise within both the commercial and institutional space. He is driven by delivering exceptional service to all his clients and addressing their bespoke requirements with an enthusiastic and professional approach.

A photo of Craig Leeming, Manager at Fourways Australia

Craig Leeming