Hisense 360 Round Airflow Cassette

Product Description

The Hisense 360° Round Airflow Inverter Cassette optimizes room airflow, ensuring the comfortable air flows to every corner of the room and the temperature perfectly balances the space. It allows for independent airflow control to perfectly cater to the space structure and needs of different individuals. The new patented Second-generation Self-cleaning technology keeps your AC clean and reduces dust, bacteria, microorganisms, and oil stains. Hi-Nano technology and Ag+ healthy filter effectively removes airborne viruses and bacteria ensuring a healthy room air supply. R32 gas for ultra-low energy consumptions and a non-toxic and friendly environment. Through the intelligent Wi-Fi control APP with a Wi-Fi connection, you can control your air conditioner anytime and anywhere.

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• Simple elegant design
• Full DC inverter compressor for high efficiencies
• Intelligent hidden display
• 236mm ultra-thin body, saves more space
• Multiple control methods
• Fresh air intake for indoor air freshness
• Easy-to-clean filter
• Hi-nano sends sterile healthy ions to every corner of the room to remove viruses
• Anti-corrosive Golden fin
• 360° round flow for uniform temperature distribution
• Big louver with 88° free swinging angle
• Intelligent defrost
• WiFi & App Control

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