Samsung Wind-Free™ AR9500 Hi Wall Split R32

Product Description

  • Wind-Free™ Cooling – Stay comfortably cool with minimal direct wind
  • AI Auto Cooling – Automatically optimises your cooling setting by analysing your usage pattern
  • Tri-Care Filter – Designed to help keep your air hygienic by capturing dust, bacteria, virus, and allergens.
  • Temperature Display – A numerical and intuitive icon displays temperature and key operating functions.
  • Usage – Displays energy consumption (0.1-99kWh) for the usage for the time the unit is turned ON to the time the unit is turned OFF.
  • Display Off – Display lighting can be turned off using the remote controller.
  • SmartThings – Enjoy remote connectivity with the Samsung SmartThings app.* It helps you centrally control your Samsung air conditioner, Samsung TV, Samsung appliances and other  compatible smart devices.
  • 5 year warranty 

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  • QUIET MODE – Noise levels can be reduced when that extra quiet time is needed.
  • ECO MODE – ECO mode operates at lower compressor capacity comparing to Fast Cooling mode, suitable for the mild days when it’s not too hot, minimising energy consumption, while still maintaining a cool and comfortable space
  • FAST COOLING – Cools 43% faster* – designed to help you stay cool.
  • GOOD SLEEP MODE – Good sleep mode automatically adjusts the air flow direction and fan speed to help provide a comfortable environment while you sleep, at a pre-set temperature and operating time set by you.
  • AUTO MODE – Designed to automatically select the operating mode according to the temperature setting, so the Air Conditioner heats or cools as required maintaining the set temperature.
  • REAL TIME TIMER – Gives you the ability to program and to set a timer to operate the Air Conditioner.
  • AUTO CLEAN – automatically dries the Heat Exchanger using a 3-step process, it removes moisture by blowing air for between 10 to 30 minutes so it prevents the build-up of bacteria and odours.
  • SUPPORT – Our team of highly trained experts is here to help you with installation, set-up, teething problems and any questions you have along the way.
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