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Company Profile

Fourways is an authorized supplier of some of the world's leading brands in airconditioning. Powered by decades of experience with a global footprint in over 17 countries, we are well versed in providing multifaceted HVAC products for residential and commercial purposes.

Our products are well-suited for homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, banks and more, each fitted with unique functionalities and innovative technologies to support the diverse needs of today's consumer.

We have offices and warehousing operations located in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. We strive to exceed all our client's expectations by offering premium airconditioning solutions, backed by quality aftersales support, training, technical and marketing assistance.

We are authorised resellers of the following airconditioning brands:

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Not only do we offer these products at highly competitive prices, we also have supply capabilities from our regional warehouses and offer design and stock management assistance for VRF projects.

Our team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the industry providing exceptional customer service for which Fourways is known. We take great pride in driving innovation, closely working with our customers to improve the quality of our products and services. We envisage being the preferred supplier of quality, efficient airconditioning systems across Australia, a goal we endeavour to achieve through unwavering professionalism, integrity and esteemed products.

Our vision

Fourways aims to become the preferred supplier of exceptional HVAC products backed by our Suppliers, offering superior service and support continuously striving to meet our customers unique requirements and expectations.

Our mission

Fourways continuously strives to provide superior, professional and friendly service, with high-quality manufactured state of the art technology and products, while working closely with our Suppliers to meet our customers' unique requirements and exceed their expectations.

A commitment to supporting clients

Our commitment is to assist our clients, the wide network of installers working in partnership with Fourways, to deliver the best products and services to the market. Their success is our success. Fourways provides support to dealers in several ways.